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My Go-To's for Hair Tools

Obviously, as a hairstylist the #1 question I get in my DMs is something to the effect of: “What are the best products/tools for my hair?”.

The short answer, that is different for every person and every hair type…buuuuut…I put together a list of all of my go-to’s for myself and most used on my clients.

First, tools are soooo important in the styling process. You can have amazing products and not so great tools and your hair is still not going to look how you want it/get healthy.

T3 micro is my all time favorite when it comes to tools (no, this isn’t sponsored, I genuinely LOVE T3…and i’m open to collaborating guys *hint hint*)

Blowdryer: This is what I use at home.

For the salon/extensions I prefer THIS ONE, it’s a bit more powerful.

Curling Iron: this is a 1-1/4” which I use on myself and about 95% of my clients

I also love THIS ONE for a more affordable option

Wand: I don’t personally love wands but I know a lot of people out there do.

Flat Iron: I don’t use them often either but I like the control settings on this one and HERE is a more affordable option.

Okay, now that we have the tools out of the way, let’s talk products. (Again, these are my personal favorite, everyones hair is different)

About 2 times a month I like to cleanse my hair, I use COLOR WOW DREAM FILTER, this removes product and mineral build up. BLONDES, this helps keep your blonde bright too!

Shampoo & Conditioner:

I have extensions and lightened hair so I like moisture, but not heavy, I rotate between 2 different S&C sets. THIS ONE is my bougie one that no one in the house can use without getting yelled at (sorry not sorry) and THIS ONE is still amazing but on the more affordable side.

Detangler: I personally LOVE this one for all hair types.

Volumizer: I prefer sprays, and I like lightweight and not sticky. THIS ONE is what I use at home and THIS ONE I use at the salon and it smells like the beach!

Texture Spray: My biggest addiction is texture spray, I have a ton that I love honestly! THIS ONE is my best seller at the salon, it smells SOOO GOOD. THIS ONE is more affordable and smells amazing too!

Hair Spray: This is my holy grail of hairsprays, i’ve used it for years and it’s always my go to!

I KNOW I KNOW, I skipped dry shampoo, but ya’ll that needs a whole blog post to itself because Dry Shampoo is LIFE! Buuuuut I’ll link THIS ONE so I don’t leave ya hanging.


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